SMS Marketing Course: Learn Text Message Marketing Campaign Strategies

SMS Marketing Course: Learn Text Message Marketing Campaign Strategies

SMS Marketing Course: Learn Text Message Marketing Campaign Strategies


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Niche It! 4 Steps to Niching Your Business

Do you need to have a niche in order to start a business? No. Would a niche help grow your business faster? Absolutely.

Vivian Kaye’s business skyrocketed to $6 million in sales, shipped thousands of orders and amassed raving reviews by using the power of niching.

In this course, you’ll learn her 4 step signature framework to niche your new or existing e-commerce business.

In this course you will learn:

The 5 benefits of niching your business
How to find your perfect niche market
How to develop your customer avatar
3 companies who have come from $0 to 5, 6 and 7 figures by focusing on a very specific group of people with one product.

5 Benefits of Niching Your Ecommerce Business

01 |Overview

3 Niche Brands that Started from $0

02 |How to Find your Niche

What is a Niche Market?

Niche Market vs. Products vs. Brand

03 |Researching & Evaluating your Target Market

6 Strategies to Find a Profitable Niche

What to Do in Crowded Niches

04 |Identifying your Target Audience

Why you Need to Find your Target Audience

Defining the Target Audience

Creating a Customer AvatarSMS Marketing Course: Learn Text Message Marketing Campaign Strategies

Have you noticed some of the most influential people in the world are saying ‘Text Me’ to engage with fans and followers? The best marketers in the world are leveraging text message marketing. In this free course you wil learn sms marketing and text message marketing strategies to grow your skill set. What is sms marketing? How to build a sms marketing database? Free course taught by Arri Bagah.

How to use text message marketing to increase sales
Why text message matters in the attention economy
What platforms and tools to use to start text message marketing

Lesson 1: Course Introduction

Lesson 2: The State of Consumer Attention

Lesson 3: Mobile Messaging and Mobile Shopping

Lesson 4: Why Text Message Marketing Matters

01 |Module 1

Lesson 1: Introduction to subscriber acquisition (compliance)

Lesson 2: Platforms

Lesson 3: Mobile Opt-in

Lesson 4: Desktop Opt-in

Lesson 5: Social and owned audiences

Lesson 5: Customer Winback

02 |Module 2

Lesson 1: Introduction to automated flows

Lesson 2: Messaging Best Practices

Lesson 3: Welcome Series

Lesson 4: Abandoned Cart

03 |Module 3

Lesson 1: Introduction to Weekly Campaigns

Lesson 2: Sending a Promotional Campaign

04 |Module 4

Lesson 1: Tracking and Optimization

Lesson 2: Customer Support

Lesson 3: Congratulations & Next Steps

05 |Next Steps + Conclusion

Congratulations! You Niched It!

3 Ways to Kickstart your Marketing

Vivian Kaye’s Final Words of Advice