Statistics for A/B Testing

Statistics for A/B Testing

Statistics for A/B Testing


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Become great at statistics for A/B testing

Avoid costly testing mistakes stemming from misuse and misunderstanding of statistic

If you’re not fluent in A/B testing statistics, you won’t be able to tell whether your tests suck.

In 10 sessions, you’ll learn
How to run A/B tests with a sound statistical design in a variety of scenarios – multiple test variants, multiple outcomes, non-binomial data, and others.
How to align the statistical design with the questions at hand to get business insights while avoiding common mistakes.
The logic behind statistical hypothesis testing and concepts like statistical significance, confidence intervals, statistical power, and others.
This course is right for you if…
You can’t define statistical significance correctly without looking it up on Google.
Your A/B tests produce a lot of “winners,” but your clients aren’t seeing improvements.
You’re planning and analyzing A/B tests, but you don’t understand the statistical underpinnings of the testing process.
You’re not confident in the outcomes of your tests and are unsure how much trust to put in them
You have an in-house statistical tool you want to improve, or you use a third-party A/B testing software you want to understand better
This course is probably not for you if…
You are just starting with CRO and have little to no practical experience with A/B testing.
You don’t employ A/B tests as a primary method to evaluate CRO work.
You are a professional statistician or experimental design specialist.
Skills you should have before taking this course:
Some experience in conversion rate optimization.
Basic understanding of how A/B testing works.
Some experience with an A/B testing software.