Structured data training

Structured data training

Structured data training


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Structured data training – 1-day online training to get your site ready for rich search results that bring in loads of customers
Make sure your search results stand out from the competition
Enable Google to highlight your site in new ways

What will you learn?
After finishing this training, you’ll know what structured data is, how it influences the search results and how to implement it on your site. In three modules you’ll learn about all the important structured data, rich search results and SEO.

1. What is structured data? In the first module, we’ll introduce you to structured data. Find out what it is and how it influences search rankings. You’ll learn about the most common data types and we’ll introduce and its most valuable types. You’ll understand what Google does with structured data and can explain the concepts of, structured data markup, rich snippets and JSON-LD.

2. Implementing with JSON-LD Module two is all about JSON-LD and is key to understanding how to implement structured data. In this part, we’ll talk about code in a way that even newcomers can understand. You’ll learn how to explain what JSON-LD is and why we use it. You’ll understand the syntax of JSON-LD and, of course, how to implement JSON-LD on your site. In addition, we’ll show you how to create JSON-LD by copying and adapting code. We’ll introduce you to alternative implementation tools for JSON-LD and show how to use Google Tag Manager to get the code on your site.

3. Practical use of structured data Module three discusses a couple of tools which can help you optimize your use of structured data. For instance, we’ll tell you how to use Google Search Console and Google Data Highlighter when implementing structured data. In addition, we’ll explain what Yoast SEO has to offer to make it easier to implement structured data.