The Advanced Content Roadmap Generator

The Advanced Content Roadmap Generator

The Advanced Content Roadmap Generator


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Advanced Content Roadmap

An advanced content roadmap is a strategic document that details the steps necessary to produce and distribute high-quality, engaging content that meets the needs of your target audience.

The Advanced Content Roadmap Generator

This straightforward yet mighty spreadsheet produces a clear, defined narrative through each stage of your customer’s journey using detailed information about your audience, goals, and product. You only need to respond to a few questions, and the program will do the rest of the code for you!

Advanced Content Roadmap Generator Key Features:

  • Persona development in depth
  • Sub-objectives and objectives are defined
  • Development of content concepts based on the many phases of your client journey
  • Prioritizing these concepts can help you use your resources wisely and effectively.

You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of your content and how it fits into your overall company plan.

The Advanced Content Roadmap Template Origins

For Myself:

  • It immediately resolved the significant problem that had bothered me for so long.
  • I stopped chasing paper crumbs and started focusing more on giving my clients value that may transform their businesses.
  • Knowing we had a structure in place helped me feel less worried.
  • I wasn’t forced to think up brilliant ideas on the spot. They came to me when I filled in the blanks and saw the results.

For the Team:

  • I gave it to my coworkers at Far From Avocados, and after some adjustments, we made it the focal point of our operations.
  • This was essential for better and more fruitful client projects and a happier and more effective team.
  • They got busier.
  • We became busier.
  • We generated six-figure revenues within a year, largely because of this small but mighty tool.
  • We didn’t, however, end there.

For our Clients:

  • At Far From Avocados, we’ve always thought that our success would depend on how much we could assist and educate our clients about content marketing.
  • After all, their success is also our success.
  • Therefore, we put the gadget to its absolute limit. And disseminated it among certain customers, prospects, and even some kind individuals we met while conducting business.

5 Easy Steps to Transform your Content


To frame the content you are about to plan, respond to a few questions about your core personas.


What do people desire, and how can you satisfy their needs?


Identify your objectives: What are you hoping your audience will do? You can summarize this with the aid of our technology in a straightforward one-line sentence.


Define the content touchpoints for each stage of your personas’ journeys using a framework that has been pre-loaded into the spreadsheet and your prior responses.


How can you use your content to impact what your target audience needs to know at this point in their journey?


Review your content categories: Did you leave anything out? You now have the opportunity to catch it, go back, fine-tune your personalities, and allow your content to aid in your efforts to comprehend your audience more fully.


Create a preconfigured table based on your responses to Steps 1-4 to organize your content plan. Then, use the built-in calculations to select the content themes you should prioritize.

Why does Advanced Content Roadmap so useful?

This content planning tool is designed to help you:

  1. Efficiently develop a content strategy by persona and customer journey stage
  2. Ensure your content marketing efforts are aligned with measurable business objectives
  3. Effectively communicate your plans to team members and stakeholders
  4. Make better use of your resources by identifying and prioritizing high-value content themes

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In their own words

The Advanced Content Roadmap Generator
This Excel-based tool is:
Let technology do the work for you. Answer the questions, and the tool will do the rest.
This is different to other strategy templates – you won’t get this anywhere else.
Conceived, developed and refined in-house by a hugely successful content agency.
Turn chaos to growth in 5 simple steps
Define the audience: Answer simple questions about your key personas to frame the content you’re about to plan.What do they want, and how can you give it to them?


Orientate your goals: What do you want your audience(s) to do? Our tool will help you create a simple one-line statement to sum this up.
Break down your content journey: Using a framework that’s preloaded into the spreadsheet, and based on your previous answers, identify the content touchpoints for each stage of your personas’ journeys.What does your target audience need to know at this stage to progress their journey – and how can you influence this using your content?
Evaluate your content categories: Left something out? This is your chance to catch it, go back, fine-tune your personas – and let your content help you better understand your audience.
Organise your content roadmap: Use a preloaded table based on your answers in Steps 1-4 to lay your content out in one place – then use in-built formulas to help you identify the content themes you need to prioritise.