Turn Your Hobby into a Business

Turn Your Hobby into a Business

Turn Your Hobby into a Business


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Turn Your Hobby into a Business

It’s time to take full control of your time, income and lifestyle by turning your hobby into a full-time business.This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals to turn your idea, passion project or hobby into a sustainable business that you’re excited to build for the long-term.

This course is design to go at your own pace and on any device. Now begin with the ‘Welcome’ to start learning how to build your business!

In this course you will learn:

How to Profit with Your Product
How to Brand and Design Your Store
How to Ship your Products to Customers on a Budget
How to Market your Business
How to Officially Launch Your Store


Meet Your Instructors

The Origin Story

Three Key Tips to Starting Your Business

How Shopify Can Help You Build Your Business

01 |Profit with Your Product

How to Find Loyal Customers

Create Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Validate Your Product and the Market

Product Manufacturing 101

Product Packaging 101

Profitable Product Based Business Pricing

02 |Brand and Design Your Shopify Store

What is a Brand?

Product Photography 101

How to Decide on Your Company Name

How to Design Your Company Logo

How to Sign Up for Shopify

How to Add a Product to Your Store

How to Create Your First Collection

How to Create Your “About Us” Page

How to Edit Your Website Navigation

How to Choose Your Theme and Edit Your Store

How to Buy Your Domain Name

03 |Shipping Products on a Budget

Shipping on Shopify

Fulfilling Orders 101

04 |Marketing Your Business

5 Proven Ways to Get Your First Sale

Find New Customers with Sales Channels

Marketing Methods for Long-term Success

05 |Launch Your Store!

The Ultimate Launch Checklist

How to Do a Test Order (and Set Up Payments)

Go Live and Start Selling

Celebrate Small Successes