User Research


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Become great at User Research

Make smarter decisions. Build better products. Get happier customers.

After taking this course, you’ll…
Understand how user research can transform your strategy and products, and why organizations struggle to integrate this crucial approach.
Build a plan for testing your ideas, hypotheses and assumptions to ensure you aren’t just hearing what you want.
Know when to use different research methods (e.g., usability testing, interviews, A/B testing) to get the answers you need.
Recruit the right people. If you only listen to your biggest fans (or biggest critics), you’re missing out on essential input.
Present research results to get buy-in and make change happen. Not everyone always wants to listen to what users have to say, but the best research is useless if no one is listening.
Become great at user research in 7 lessons:

You’ll learn to ask great questions, listen to your users and use your research to make challenging decisions.

Discover how user research can quickly help you make confident, data-driven decisions.
Fill your researcher’s toolbox with the right tools for every situation.
Learn how to truly listen to your users.
Build actionable tests to see if you’re moving in the right direction.
Identify the right people who will give you great input.
Turn your research into a story.
Create research deliverables with a long-lasting impact.
This course is essential for you if …
You want to build a product that is easier to market and sell. You know that understanding your audience leads to better results.
You’re a data-driven leader who never settles for “good enough” in what you build. You’re willing to iterate to excellence.
You want to unlock the goldmine of insight that lies within the minds of your users.