All Around Podcast Manager and Trainer

All Around Podcast Manager and Trainer

All Around Podcast Manager and Trainer


I help Christian and purpose-driven coaches and CEO’s tap a new market, create impact and grow profit through podcasting.

Hey, there I’m Sbkps, podcast manager, and trainer. I help business owners and life coaches increase their visibility and authority in the industry by creating relevant content that resonates with their target audience in a podcast, social media, and email copywriting and marketing. Together we will empower and change people’s lives with your expertise.

I once helped a client increased his brand awareness giving him the opportunity to talk outside the country. His podcast was also included in the Top 10 Apple Podcast Education category a few weeks after we started social media management.

There are many contents out there, and how do you make sure that you stand out from the rest and get recognized as the authority of your niche? Well, let me help you with getting your podcast rolling, send your first email, and start your content creation. Having me on board will give you more time to focus on building your business and creating your support and network.

Do you have questions such as “How do you stand out as a podcaster when there are many out there giving inspiration to people and help them find solutions to their problems?” Or you want to launch a podcast, and you don’t know where to start, or what are the steps you need to do? Allow me to help you. I have a CHECKLIST that you will answer, so you can have the direction you need to launch your podcast show and record your first or upcoming episodes.

Let’s make it happen!

I’ve been working with multiple life coaching clients, and I’ve helped them build their social media presence and reach out to their target audience. I can also provide training in podcast management and marketing.

These are some things I will do for you:
1. Researching and brainstorming a theme that perfectly fits your business
2. Layout and plans your content calendar with messages that resonate with your target audience
3. Create consistent posts on social media, so you will always remain present in their social media feed, increasing their awareness of your brand.
4. Help you launch and manage your podcast show with social media creatives.
5. Persuade followers to buy your courses through email marketing, promos or giveaways.

There is strength in unity, and together we can make your business grow as you manifest it.

So why choose me?

We will implement a system that ensures a process we can follow from the recording of your episode to launching and repurpose content on social media. Let’s get to know each other and your business using the checklist I will provide. Sharing with me vital information is a sign of your commitment that you want us to start right on track. My responsibility is getting things done, moving forward in the creation of your content calendar and podcast information sheet.
I always take the time to get to know each of the clients that I get to work in podcasting and social media management.

I know that different clients have different needs, and I want to make sure that the content and the theme that we create is tailor-fit to your needs and your target audiences need as well.

If you want to know more about what else I can do for you, then send me a message, and let’s schedule a time for us to have a chat.

Have a great day and all the best for your success!

So be it, so it is.