Amy Starr C.


Seeking New Facebook Clients in the eCommerce Niche who are marketing to mothers and/or grandmothers, and offering children’s products that are fun in nature (i.e. books, toys, learning material, DIY projects, etc).

If you think your company is ready to start marketing on Facebook & you fit the criteria below, please reach out and request a free consultation.

* You’re involved enough in your company to know what’s happening day to day / month to month (and why).

* You clearly communicate your wants, needs, goals, and expectations.

* You trust the skills / knowledge of each person in your company, giving them just the amount of space they need in their roles to succeed.

* You’re open to trying new things that may benefit your company and your customers experiences.

* You use data to determine the success of each new thing you try, and you give the data enough time to accumulate before making educated decisions.

* You honor your commitments (regarding contracts, agreements, schedule-keeping, staying on strategy, etc.)

* You own an eCommerce based business (i.e. you sell a product) that has been self-sustaining (financially speaking), and stable for at least 2 years.

* You have a real good idea of who your target audience is even if there’s still more testing to be done to be sure.

* You have a reasonable dedicated budget for marketing in relation to your goals.

* You have a fully-functional website with a steady amount of monthly traffic & a steady 2% (or above) conversion rate.

* You are Intelligent, Ambitious, Caring, Open-Minded, Thoughtful, Understanding and Passionate about your business and other things / people you love.

If this sounds like you and your business, reach out and request a free consultation call. We’ll use this opportunity to discuss more details to ensure that I am the best fit for your project.

Best Regards,
Amy “Starr” Carter

P.s. I generally schedule new client interview calls between the hours of 2pm-4pm est Monday-Friday. When you contact me, I’ll send you a Calendly link to schedule a no-charge consultation.
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