id8 is a specialized branding agency in the Marietta Square Northwest of Atlanta. id8 helps organizations become more successful by creating authentic brand identities that help them go from competing on price to winning on value.

The definition of our name says it all. Ideate (the origin of id8) means to come up with new thinking and new ideas. And that’s exactly what we do. As visual communicators, we provide the branding, identities, strategies and solutions to help your business be more successful.

You need to be clear about what differentiates you from your competitors and what will capture the attention of customers. Whether it’s a new logo or a complete identity rebrand, id8 specializes in working closely with your business to bring you value and success.

As we work together, we will continue to think about your values, goals and competition, and present fresh ideas to keep your brand competitive as it grows and changes. However, as your partner, it’s also our job to ask tough questions, give feedback, and sometimes push back. We do this because we are passionate about what we do: making your successful business more successful.