Appnoit INC.


AppNoit Inc is not just a multi national company with its head office in New York we like to think of ourselves as a family of artists, AppNoit Inc is where logic is blended with creativity, we don’t believe in corporate culture, we believe that any kind of software development is an art and we have the best artists from around the world.

In 2010 we started our journey from a 550 square feet apartment when we got our first order from U.A.E and on that day the company was founded on a simple philosophy that application and web should not be developed using traditional and bureaucratic methods or in the way other corporates are doing instead we wanted to develop apps and web from the perspective of the client as what they think matters most because we know that for every entrepreneur his project is his dream and a vision which they want to share with the world and that can only be done if we go by the clients vision rather then focusing on standards set by the corporate world and find a solution which best suits them at an affordable price because we value our customers happiness and satisfaction over profit. And by following this simple philosophy our clients numbers increased dramatically from all over the world and we had to open subsidiary companies like Scorpbit in Canada and next idea in U.A.E for middle east market.

We know the path you are on and we understand how to make it a success. New customers regularly say that working with us has been their first enjoyable project development experience.

With our team working for you, you are free to focus on constructing your business, while we manage every issue of building your desired project.