Clipping Path Asia

Description was born in 2012 for photo editing services. we grow the business in just 7 years. we have now over 5000 customers worldwide. As we doing outsource works, so our customers get a 68% cheap cost. Get those Benefits from our company: 1. We open 24 hours with a 3-shifts run. Sorry! Sunday is off. 2. 24/7 Live chat including phone or Skype for support and order updates. 3. We have the express delivery option within 2-3 hours and will cost extra. Our normal delivery for 24 hours. But we can make an agreement 8-12 hours delivery without extra charge. Because I know how important delivery for photography editing companies. 4. 100% safe and secure. Our no employees using mobile while in the office. So images are 100% secured. We can sign the NDA. 5. We are very familiar with FTP, Dropbox, Wetranster, Google Drive or many file sharing websites. 6. Our standard pricing $1.45/image for clipping/mask/remove background and eCommerce optimize. But I can offer you a simple complexity of $0.65/image. add-ons like shadow/reflection/retouch/ghost mannequin cost extra. Please note: bicycle, chains, necklaces, peoples, trees, nets complexity very high. I believe you know better than me. 7. Monthly Invoice- upfront and within 30 days due times. We can accept credit/debit card and bank transfer.