Comtrade Digital Services



We develop software solutions in close collaboration with the customer

First, we form a small full-skilled team that discovers our customer’s environment

We propose architecture, prioritize processes and features

Then we bring in predeveloped architecture, proven approaches, processes and building blocks, as needed

We set up the team, define scope and deliverables

Thus we build unique, tailor-made technology using agile and DevOps approach

Then we test prototype with the real customers, pivot and re-adjust technology when needed

Finally, we scale across the organization or its markets

Comtrade Digital Services is the trusted developer of some of the world’s most renowned businesses, providing end-to-end technology solutions across a number of industries including Medical, Financial services and Energy & Utilities. CDS understands the importance of high quality software and has the right expertise, tools and processes to help its clients deliver software that is reliable, defect-free and ready for the market. At Comtrade Digital Services, we bridge the gap between science, commercial solutions and practicality, to provide high impact solutions for achieving AI goals and objectives. We balance the best practices from our AI partner network (research institutes and specialized AI companies) with our own renowned software engineering and solution delivery process. Our approach turns AI and Data Science innovations into business advantages for our clients and industries we serve.