Craig S.


I have successfully completed 400+ jobs on Upwork, with a 100% success rate (at time of writing).

——“Craig is a real talent, he doesn’t just write, he does business development, asks useful questions and makes you think through your business strategy. He re-wrote our entire website, shaping our ideas and inspiring us to market new service packages. Craig is our go-to top gun from now on. Great work, couldn’t be happier.”

——“You will not find a better writer, researcher and planner for whatever work you have in mind. This freelancer can do it all. If you need it done, hire him.”

——“Was great to work with. He always responded quickly and kept us regularly updated. All work was completed quickly to an excellent standard. Would not hesitate to recommend and would definitely rehire if we had another content writing project come along. Thanks!”

——”I recommend Craig to anyone who wants to move their content quality to the next level”

In today’s crowded marketplace, the right content separates you from your competition.

The right content will establish your credibility, demonstrate your expertise, and convince your leads to contact you (and not the other players in your space).

Unfortunately, producing the right content is “easier said than done”:

:::: Maybe you don’t have enough time to produce the right content yourself.
:::: Maybe you are too close to your business to present it from a lead’s perspective.
:::: Maybe you need a full content marketing strategy—designed and executed—and you simply recognize this isn’t your area of expertise.

Whatever your reason, I would love to learn more about your needs, and to uncover how you might deploy the right content to take your business to the next level.

Now, before you contact me, please take note of a few points related to the services I offer.

First, I generally focus at translating complex topics into digestible content. Sometimes, this means explaining a technical topic (i.e. cybersecurity) within a presentation tailored to non-technical executives. Sometimes, this means creating a whitepaper that walks the reader through a consulting firm’s methodology. Sometimes, this means translating a subject matter expert’s experience into a clear, story-driven article. Overall, I like to take your business’ complexity, and transform it into clear, simple, digestible content.

Second, while I am open to discussing work with businesses in any industry, I do have specialized experience in the following fields:

:::: Technology: I have worked extensively with a full range of technology-related companies. My clients have included IT leadership consulting firms, SaaS implementation companies, API developers, and global cybersecurity vendors. Most often, I work with these companies to simplify their messages for non-technical audiences, and to find the “human” element within their technology offerings (though I do handle some technical writing for them as well).

:::: Professional & Financial Services Firms: I have worked very closely with a number of boutique firms that offer management consulting and financing. Within these firms I have worked hand-in-hand with both associates and partners/founders. Generally, I have worked with these firms to either translate the partners/founders’ expertise into content (articles, methodologies, courses, etc.) or to produce research & thought leadership for their ongoing marketing efforts.

Finally, while I am open to discussing work with anyone who might be a good “fit”, I generally do NOT work within the following contexts:

:::: I generally do not work with solo-prenuers. I have a lot of respect for anyone who manages to run an entire business by themselves. However, I have found solo-renuers tend to lack the free time and attention required for us to produce good, timely work together.

:::: I generally do not work with early-stage startups. For, more or less, the same reasons I don’t generally work with solo-preneurs.

:::: I generally do not work with anyone who has never worked with a writer before. There’s a learning curve to working with writers, and I am not the right option for moving through that curve.

:::: I generally do not work on one-off projects. I have been working with my each of my current clients for 1.5 – 6 years each. I prefer long-term working arrangements where we can really get to know each other. This allows me to provide the most value possible by acting as a true partner with your organization.

If you feel we might be a good fit for each other, contact me today so we can discuss your needs further.