Danielle L.


Do you need a digital marketing plan to promote your business online but you don’t know where to start? Are you new to online advertising or finding your current ads aren’t delivering the results you expected? Do you know your customers are online and in social media but you feel stuck on how to build your brand online to connect with them?

If you answered yes to any of these then get in touch today and I can help you build a simple yet effective digital marketing strategy to build your brand equity online, attract and retain more customers and most importantly increase your returns.

I’m an experienced strategic marketer with a track record of driving business growth by delivering effective, award-winning digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

I have a deep understanding of how to build your brand online and invest efficiently and effectively to maximise your ROI in an increasingly fragmented digital landscape.

With over 13 years experience working for leading global brands ranging from the consumer goods, subscription services, financial and luxury industries. I’m now turning my focus to helping small businesses achieve the same success as these corporate giants.

If you’re ready to step-change your digital marketing efforts then get in touch and let’s chat!

Areas of expertise:
* marketing strategy (including mission statement, goal setting, KPIs)
* digital marketing strategy (paid/organic search, display, programmatic, video, email marketing)
* social media strategy
* performance marketing & demand generation
* acquisition & retention strategies
* customer journey mapping
* test and learn frameworks
* reporting and insights