Craig Campbell SEO


Like many others I started out SEO as a hobby learning more about it by reading books and learning on forums, this was back in the early 2000s, there was no Facebook Groups it was a case of jumping on forums where everyone had a nickname ( they didn’t use their own names ) and people would chat and share stories about what was working for them. One particular forum I enjoyed and got a lot out of was the ” SEO Chat Forum ” which is still there to this day.

Names that stick out who were top of the game SEO’s at that time were, Fathom, Kernel Panic and a well known current SEO, DR Marie Haynes who was a vet prior to getting into SEO.

So I was playing around on my own site learning bits and bobs and also quite fancied myself as a web designer, but I was pretty bad if I’m honest.

Within a few years, I was able to build up enough on the side that I could leave my day job and start doing some SEO for other people in around 2004. So I made a little home office and worked comfortably while still continuing to learn from the comfort of my own home.