Denizen Company


Denizen is a social media creative agency in Los Angeles. We believe that traditional ad agencies go about social completely wrong by prioritizing traditional advertising over what viewers want online.

Traditional agencies get branding but they don’t get content. Creators get content but they don’t get branding. Media companies can buy impressions but they can’t buy interest. That leaves a gaping hole in a world that values engagement more than ever.

Denizen is a social media creative agency that bridges the gap by developing strategic campaigns that stop thumbs in today’s world, on today’s platforms, with today’s audiences.

Our Secret: While other agencies sell brands beautiful stories and cinematic campaigns that play well to marketers in a conference room, Denizen Company focuses on what type of content viewers like and then develop creative that speaks to the brand message, the target demographic, and the medium the campaign will be playing on. This leads to higher engagement, conversion, and awareness. It’s no secret, just play to the viewer’s interest in social media and you’ll get amazing results.