Donna Maria R.


25+ years as a business anthropologist and qualitative research expert with a Ph.D. in applied cultural anthropology means your marketing, product development and innovation, UX, and CX programs will benefit from a deep, context-based approach to solving customer problems and seeing your customer through fresh eyes.

Methodological expertise includes customer interviews, cultural analysis, qualitative, ethnographic, observational, and design research, creative problem solving and ideation, online research and moderation, generative consumer research, corporate training, and workshop facilitation.

While at Pepsico, Whirlpool, and JCPenney, and as a consultant for Pfizer, Safeway, Pandora Jewelry, Midea, Helen of Troy, and other global firms, my innovative approach to understanding customer problems, asking the right questions, and gaining powerful insights resulted in key improvements to the customer experience, service design, product development, innovation, and marketing communications.

Areas of expertise include:

• Organizational culture, employee workforce & customer service
• Omnichannel shopping & retail (online and in-store)
• Home goods, appliances, décor, & furniture
• Fine jewelry, fashion, apparel, & beauty
• Travel, leisure & casino gaming
• Food, cooking, home entertaining, & grocery
• Health & wellness, medical
• Women, Boomers, & Seniors
• Culture & diversity

Your projects will also benefit from my personal passions which include:

• Italian travel, lifestyle, language, & culture
• Family traditions & rituals
• Outdoor living

Please refer to my portfolio examples for a taste of my writing style and research approach.