Faiza F.


Craving to learn new horizons of Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Creative Writing and Inbound Marketing, i am always measuring how innovate methods can be used to create better user experience for sale progress.

A big fan of Content Creation, Social Media, Story Telling and Design. Specialized in Marketing i’m a Masters in Business Administration from the University of The Punjab.

My experience involves management of multiple Digital Marketing activities including;

1. Brand Management
2. E Commerce Marketing
3. Inventory Management
4. Content Development (Blog Management)
5. Inbound marketing
6. Market Research & User Analysis
7. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest Pages
8. Customer Support

I also coordinate with teams across different department to formulate the most effective Social Media Strategies, such as;

1. Design/Developers Team for the visual content requirements and placement of Social plugins across website pages.

2. SEO Team for target keywords, trending topics and blog management
Content Department for blog requirements, keyword rich blog titles, social status and tweeting content, PDF Guide books.