Our goal is to help founders do great things with their business. We do this by running a data-driven growth team that’s obsessed with ROI. We run growth experiments across the entire funnel: CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), Facebook and Instagram ads, and email marketing.

We’ve worked with or taught over 125 companies. We have helped startups raise over $40M in funding and helped companies generate over $247M in revenue from tracked experiments.

GrowthHit works with e-commerce, lead generation, beauty, financial services, fashion, fitness, real estate, health care, SaaS and education clients.

GrowthHit was born in NYC and settled down in Seattle, WA. We have 8 team members and growing. We blog for Forbes and we wrote a #1 best selling book on Growth Marketing.

We advise Big Brands, VC firms and startup accelerators on how their portfolio companies should grow online. We’ve taught digital marketing at Universities and delivered Keynotes across the world.

GrowthHit runs a content site called Funnel Teardowns so you can see the exact marketing funnels of top startups.

Our growth team will design a custom growth plan based on your user persona and business model. Once customized we’ll run growth experiments that include CRO, website development and design, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, and email automation. Our validate and grow process will enable you to hit scalable and repeatable growth.