Innovation Atelier


We are an International Marketing Insights & Analytics company
We use and develop unique approaches and technologies to gain insights on consumer behavior. We have used experimental approaches, biometric and cognitive technologies, game theory, and even piloted blockchain-based research to provide superior consumer insights.

Since 2011, we have asked over 1 million questions in more than 40 countries and derived actionable insights from over 100 billion data points.

We have earned the trust from multinational companies, non-governmental organizations and start-ups alike.

Our Story
Innovation Atelier Ltd was founded in 2011 with intent to reinvent marketing insights.

We were quick to make a mark at scale with a first mandate for no less than the second largest retailer globally, to train all their product managers at category analysis to find opportunities for their innovation pipeline. This first experience opened the door to new exciting projects in the world of home appliances as well as travel retail, which left our footprints to our client’s strategies and go-to-market implementations.

Since these early days, the company has lead the way with numerous technologies, from behavioural economics (2011), facial emotions recognition (2012), mobile ethnography (2013), in-store behavioural tracking (2014), consumption tracking (2015), predictive modelling (2016), auction-based innovation screening (2017), blockchain-based as well as AI-enabled eCom insights (2018).

The common denominator of our journey through innovation is our thirst to drive the thinking to new areas and gain superior insights for our customers. With every experience, we have further sharpened our ability to understand the situation and provide a specialized solution leveraging what’s best out there to get the right answers to the right questions.