Jean Paul A.


I aspire to be a leading icon for multidimensional enterprises by advertising, administering online, customer care, representing and marketing their products and services using all available media at my reach on mutually agreed terms.

Over the last 7 years, I have executed a wide range of developmental projects in agriculture and agribusiness with both private and public institutions. My core competencies lie in complete end-to-end management and execution of developmental projects, online marketing for companies and businesses, agriculture financing for agro-entreprises; both start-ups and existing. Also a rich experience in website management, software operations and management..

I also have a good experience in the following areas: Online market assessment, proficient skills in Microsoft office programs and general administration

I have conceived and executed over 15 development projects within the public and private sectors ranging over $50,000 each.

I completed tasks in initiating and executing projects geared towards sustainable agriculture production and environmental protection. I have completed tasks in secretarial duties coordinating activities of national and international projects in agricultural research and vulgarization (National Program for vulgarization of agriculture research in Cameroon; in the North West Region)

I possess excellent skills in the following domains: leadership, communication, inter-personal, managerial, computing, negotiating, innovative, inspirational, marketing to name but these. I am task oriented and engage most in end-to-end commitment in tasks and assignments. I am very dedicated and diligent in executing my assignments and tasks.