John H.


I specialize in finding information online, supported by years of research experience and a desire to provide high-quality results. Furthermore, I am skilled in not only locating information, but also in its evaluation, synthesis and reporting. My areas of work include: topic/content research, academic research, market research, social media research, and data entry, and these have provided the basis for clients’ books, interviews, business plans, and spreadsheets.

I revel in the “thrill of the hunt” that comes from tracking down online information and would love to put my passion and experience to work for you.

My tools in this pursuit include:
• Years of experience researching in academia and working in libraries, learning the tricks of how information hides,
• A good grasp of a variety of research topics from a long and wide-ranging educational background (from engineering to social science, via computer science to economics to, most recently, pursuing a PhD in sociology),
• Character traits such as creativity, critical thinking, and a detail-oriented focus.

Just give me a quest and let me show you what I can do for you!