Jonathan G.


Conversion Rate Optimization Freelancer on Upwork specializing CRO, A/B testing, Landing Pages, and Google Analytics.

My accomplishments include:

Mini-degree in Conversion Rate Optimization from CXL Institute
Multiple courses and programs from top-tier marketers like Frank Kern, Russel Brunson, Peep Laja, Momoko Price, Andres Morys, and many more.

Work History:
4+ years of freelancing experience
Studied many different business models including courses, eCommerce, SaaS, and service-based companies

Other Info:
3+ years living as a full-time digital nomad
Generated 6-figures from freelancing
Spent 6 months living in a small country called Montenegro where I launched my own freelance business
Traveled to over 16 countries in one year
Visited 25 different states in one month

I have developed systems that make it easy for any business to start building a CRO program or receive top-notch services from myself and my team members.


One-off Services

– Website Review / 1 hr consultation
Review your website and give you top pointers to optimize your site | $500/page

– Audits & Research
5-10 insights behind the biggest problems on your website | $2,000 – $20,000 depending on your business

– Redesigns (development is NOT included)
1 Page Minimum | 3k for initial service then 1k per additional page.

– Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager Optimization
Making sure everything is set up correctly and measuring accurately between GA, GT,
Hotjar, etc. | Pricing is based on the goal

Monthly/Yearly Retainer Based Managed Services
(Only for companies with at least 1,000 transactions per month)

– Full-service “done-for-you” conversion optimization
Landing page optimization
Conversion-focused redesign
Conversion research
Qualitative/quantitative research
Analytics audit
Data-driven personas

Monthly pricing based on the number of tests per month:
– 4 test per month
– 8 test per month


SCHEDULE A CALL WITH ME TODAY so we can discuss your current situation, your revenue goals, and how working with a CRO professional can change your business for the better.