Kristine Marjorie D.


I have been providing customer service since 2012. In my more than 8 solid career years, I’ve been recognized as top performer. Below are my key skills:

• Video Game Community Manager – I combine my love for video games and years of experience to help the casual and regular gamers become empowered and loyal to the game. I conceptualize and facilitates game events.

• Blockchain Community Manager/Growth Hacker – manages the community for blockchain startups in Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, and other social media platform.

• Goal Oriented and Customer Focused – I have a thick skin to handle the most complicated cases. Trained to pacify irate customers and constantly gathering information to further improve the services

• Excellent English Communication Skills – I am highly conversational whether verbal or written communication. I can provide effective customer service through different channels (social media platforms and/or group and public chats).

• Fraud Investigation – I’m an expert in doing fraud investigations in-game. This includes investigation about botting, scamming, hacking, etc.

• QA game tester – responsible in testing the game for bugs and glitches to ensure a flawless quality during release. Also responsible in localization of the game, making sure that there’s no error in grammar.

Projects made:
• Authored customer support specialists’ manual/guide
• Internal application tool