Major Tom


More than anything, Major Tom is about perspective. As an agency, Major Tom emphasizes taking the time to pause, find calm, and view any challenge strategically. By doing this, Major Tom is able to bring clarity to chaos, and unexpected value to our partners. Major Tom is nimble, and can assign the right team of specialists to suit the needs of any project, strategy, or partner – scaling ourselves to execute on the most practical solution. Major Tom is fanatical about collaboration, both with other agencies and with our partners, and is always asking, “What do you think?” Major Tom is honest. That means Major Tom has healthy relationships with our partners – speaking truth, not complicated jargon. That doesn’t mean Major Tom is rude, as the brand is always friendly and personable, even when it’s hard. Major Tom will always be different tomorrow than we are today. Major Tom is insatiably curious, and live to ask, “why?”. The agency is the type to leave no stone unturned, is thorough in its explorations, and unbiased in its conclusions.