Milan R.


With an exceptional range of expertise (operations, strategy, product and business development, marketing, sales) spanning multiple sectors (non-profit management, cyber security, game development and publishment, workforce management) I bring much more than traditional product management to every initiative and am committed to finding creative and cost-effective solutions to drive from it’s MVP phase to what it should be as envisioned by the company and their clients.

Throughout my career, I have been asked to take on a variety of roles which have given me the tools to cater to most product/service needs. I enjoy facilitating teams and have always found that teamwork is as rewarding as crossing the finish line on-time, on budget, with a product or service that exceeds clients expectations. In addition, I bring:

– Extensive client relationship experience as I both worked in and managed client support departments
– User experience strategies that battle churn, increase retention and create a community of proactive product supporters
– Experience building and leading teams and organizations
– Practitioner of lean six sigma methodologies
– Building client feedback pipelines to better reflect where the product/service needs to be heading
– Online (Agile) product development and launch
– Marketing, PR – national and regional placement, social media, SS
– Create a self-service platform to drive down client cost and increase the feedback flow