Neklo LLC


NEKLO is a fast growing product engineering company focused on helping software companies create innovative products for the next generation. Headquartered in San Bruno, NEKLO has proven expertise and a deep domain understanding of technology to deliver software engineering services such as software product development (web/non web), product migration, software testing and custom application development maintenance to enterprises spread across the globe. NEKLO is committed to building lasting strategic partnerships with its clients to ensure satisfaction and measurable business results. We provide full range of nearshore and offshore software development services, from custom programming services to mobile application design. You can hire our specialists to extend your team remotely or order full cycle software development process. NEKLO has wide-range of experience in developing portable, robust, scalable and secure applications based on Java, J2EE, .NET, PHP and related technologies. Unique engagement of product development and software product engineering model leverage strong software product companies to develop its software products faster and with lower operating cost. Product Co-Development – We have wide experience of working with small startup and large multinational companies to co-develop an out of the box solution. We work as a parallel development team along with the clients’ architectural and development teams. We have delivered products based on Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and RPC based architectures. Custom Solutions – Over the years, we have developed a large clientele that engage our teams in delivering custom solutions based on their needs. This process involves a great deal of expertise on NEKLO’s part on a broad range of domains such as Supply Chain Management, Pharmaceuticals, e-Business, Healthcare, Education, Terminology Management, and Data Warehousing etc. We have delivered some of the most innovative next generation e-Business applications, Web Portals and Business Process Automation Solutions. Business Integration – We help our clients to integrate their existing products/solutions with their partner companies’ products. We understand the business needs and provide a flexible solution for integrating their business lines. We have expertise in the entire range of technological spectrum which includes Desktop, Enterprise, Embedded and Card technologies. Our extensive experience in some of the cutting-edge development technologies allows us to build best of breed solutions for our clients. We have delivered a number of real-time mission critical Enterprise applications which involves developing a robust, reliable, secure, scalable and adaptable system architecture using design methodologies such as SOA, Web 2.0, Event-driven architecture, RPC, AJAX, N-tier architecture etc.