Newsletter Station


Back in 1993 I had a small business and was sending a printed newsletter to my contacts once each quarter. The newsletter was well received, so I increased the frequency to every other month. I had over 10,000 contacts, so the printing and postage costs were considerable, but we continued.

As email became much more popular, it was an easy transition to shift from a printed publication to an email publication. The cost savings were huge. We also increased the frequency to once each month. But then, the challenge became content. I was running out of new things to talk about.

This was when the big breakthrough happened. We started to include links to content that we didn’t create. I thought my contacts would be disappointed taking this “content shortcut,” but the opposite happened. They loved it! I took the time to find articles and news stories my contacts would find interesting or entertaining and included links to them in my newsletter.

Following this “curated content” model, I could keep it up indefinitely, and I even increased the frequency to weekly, something unimaginable without including links to publicly available content.

It wasn’t long before some of my contacts asked if I would include ads from their businesses in my email newsletter. We had a sizable list, and they wanted the exposure. But, instead of including ads for them in my email newsletter, I offered to create a newsletter directly for them and manage the entire process including gathering the content, creating the email newsletter, managing their email list and sending the newsletter for them.

How Newsletter Station Started

We started broadcasting email newsletters for a few customers in 2001. As our client base grew, we formed Newsletter Station. We now manage email newsletters for hundreds and hundreds of businesses and send millions of email newsletters every month.

We know first hand how challenging it can be to produce and send an email newsletter on a consistent, timely basis. More importantly, we know how to package an email newsletter that readers will appreciate and look forward to reading week after week, month after month, year after year.

In almost any business category there are articles of interest to people in that space published online in magazines, newspapers, journals, and web sites. We’ve developed a methodical and time-tested routine combining decades of experience to identify the most interesting, informative and entertaining articles focused on dozens of markets. This curated content is the foundation for our client newsletters.

All our clients have their own custom branded, content-filled publication focused on their client’s interests. While we technically send the email newsletter for most of our clients, their email contacts see them as the sender, not Newsletter Station.

This type of informative email newsletter is not a hard sales pitch. Our clients are perceived more as an advisor or mentor. The people who receive this type of email publication remember the sender when they need help, and when they’re asked for a recommendation.

Within each category, the content selection process to scan, read and select the best material takes many hours each week. Not even the most diligent business-savvy professionals can spend a tiny fraction of their time on this kind of wide-ranging research.

If our clients could read every article focused on their space, they would have a better grasp for how to prepare a content filled email newsletter. But, they would still need to pull it all together and get it out week after week, month after month. Instead, they do something better… cheaper… faster… and more convenient. They let us manage the entire process for them.