Rains Birchard Marketing, Inc.


Life’s too short to work with or for someone you don’t like.
We love what we do and who we do it for.
We also believe that marketing should be fun. Each and every one of us loves the fact that this is a creative business. But it is a business, and we don’t lose sight of that. It’s not all fun and games around here, but we do have games. We do work hard at delivering value to our clients, and customers to their businesses. We make critical deadlines. Sometimes they seem impossibly tight, but with our skill and experience, we go undaunted into the task. Clients appreciate this. We’re quite proud.

We’re solutions providers at our core. We recognize that clients hire us because we can fulfill their marketing and business needs. If we can’t continue to earn our keep, we won’t be kept on. This instills in us a recognition that we’re truly only adding value when we’re in a mutually beneficial partnership with our clients. Where we’re invested in the success of what we’re doing for our clients, and our clients are invested in working with us. We don’t want to be order takers, but we know that at times tasks come up that aren’t super fun or creative, but still fall under the banner of marketing and have to be done. We treat the mundane as important, because it is. We’re not too proud.