Richard A.


I am one of the top rated marketing experts on Upwork. I started my marketing career launching a popular fitness brand. As a co-founder of my fitness brand, I was responsible for all the marketing for my company. I’ve created a website with over 250,000 unique visitors a month and I built my brand to millions of social media followers. I’ve spent millions on Facebook advertising for my own products. I consider myself a master at ad creatives; some of my ads have literally 1 cent per click, which is the best you can do.

In addition, I am in the 2 Comma Club on Clickfunnels, awarded to those who have built a million dollar funnel website.

I also created a Shopify funnel and social media campaign for a client that makes over a million dollars a month in sales.

I know how to create ads that people will find super engaging. I know how to collect 500-1,000 leads a day and can turn many leads into sales. I’m truly an expert when it comes to successful online marketing and know how to make a big return on your investment in any industry/niche.

My content has been featured by top websites and publications. I’ve worked with some of the world’s most popular celebrities and athletes on everything from mobile apps to online programs to other digital products.

I have expert knowledge in everything from website design, social media marketing, sales funnels (specifically with Clickfunnels and Shopify), lead generation, email automation, viral marketing, and basically anything pertaining to online marketing.

I am extremely creative and can think outside the box more than most. I think this type of thinking is critical in the advertising world we live in.

Many ask why I am on Upwork if I have successful online businesses. The reason is because I have a bigger dream owning a marketing agency than a fitness business or other types of businesses. I’ve also sold my fitness business so I can work on building an agency full time and offering the highest level of focus and commitment to every one of my clients.
Owning online businesses gave me enough experience to learn about marketing and be able to replicate that success for my clients in various niches.

I encourage you to check out the video I made on my Upwork profile. You can simply click “Play Video” on my profile. It will give you a good understanding of who I am and what I do