Rubyroid Labs


Rubyroid Labs was founded in 2013 by two passionate Ruby developers. With a team of 40 full stack Ruby developers our focus is to: build custom and feature-rich Web and Mobile Apps rebuild and support complex systems optimize architecture and databases improve quality of the code successfully launch new startups boost your business with top-quality engineers We will help you: Increase productivity to meet tight deadlines – you will meet people who will boost your performance to finish the work on time Improve quality of the code and stability of the project – you will be sure your clients have no issues with your app Reduce operational costs – you will save money to invest additional funds in your business. Here is what you get: Full stack developer – every developer is comfortable working with server, back-end and front-end technologies (Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, ReactJS, EmberJS, jQuery, NodeJS, AWS, PostgreSQL, and etc). A transparent system of work monitoring – you get private access to our time tracking system where you able to control the progress of your project. Also, you will have direct communication with English speaking developers or project managers by messenger, which is more suitable for you and your company (Skype, Slack etc.). European time zone (UTC +3) – you get results by the beginning and end of your day. And also easier to meet with your team as it takes only 1-4 hours flight from any European capital to get to our headquarter. Official documents and NDA signing – protect all your sensitive information. We give 100% data security. Let’s build amazing apps together!