Rusana S.


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My name is Rusana and I’m Market Research Specialist and Co-Founder at IntroMarket Research, a boutique market research agency.

While working at IntroMarket Research, I conducted market research for CloudLinux, Microsoft, Stark Crew, Kaiser Associates and similar covering tasks like researching market demand, competitive landscape, and customers’ needs.

I enjoy collecting and analyzing data that indicate market trends, what people think about consumer products and business ideas; perform competitive research to help my clients build a winning offer and gain an edge in the area of their operations.

I use different research techniques to help my clients understand the negative impact of different factors on the long-run profitability potential of a particular industry or market segment.

Help my clients to understand how a particular industry is made up, what the competitive dynamics are, and therefore what the prospects are for competition within the industry.

I have a broad experience in conducting primary and secondary research for marketing strategies and business plans. My expertise includes:
– Competitive analysis
– Online surveys
– Buyer Persona creation
– Target Audience research
– Primary and Secondary Research
– Strategic Market Analysis (SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces)