Social Media|Podcast VA | LinkedIn Lead Gen| Email Automatio

Social Media|Podcast VA | LinkedIn Lead Gen| Email Automatio

Social Media|Podcast VA | LinkedIn Lead Gen| Email Automatio


Skilled in Social Media Management and Marketing, Sales and Lead Generation, Data Entry, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Sales Presentation

Free up some of your time to do the things that you love.????

Leverage your time.?

With experience in handling different Social Media Platforms such as:

I help coaches, CEOs, and small to medium business owners shift their focus away from non-revenue producing tasks and spend more time on the things that they love to do, be it revenue-generating tasks or building relationships with their clients. I have worked with various industries like Property Investors, Podcasters, Coaches, Social Media Agency owners, and Beauty and Cosmetics businesses.

? Message me if you would want to connect and know more about how I can help you.

I also do general VA projects such as direct messaging customers and meeting arrangements. I have self-learned project management. I can work remotely with minimal supervision and complete tasks promptly.

With podcast production, I help coaches and influencers in their pre-launch activities and podcast distribution.

I understand the type of support that is required by a start-up or small business and the importance of the quality of that support. I thrive on helping others achieve their goals.

Here are some services that I offer (hourly rate varies)
– LinkedIn Lead generation
– Social Media Management
– Email Marketing: Mailchimp/Hubspot
– Canva Graphic Design
– Podcast Pre-launch production
– Admin Tasks such as SOP Documents, Deck Presentations
– Email Management
– Facebook Advertising
– Social Media Engagement
– Pinterest Management
– Clubhouse Room set up
– WordPress Management

I am a flexible and fast learner of VA. I can adapt to different tasks even if I have no experience with them. I work my way to learn and do them diligently.

I am looking for trustworthy clients that are also willing to provide training and help me improve my professional path.????