Social Wizard


Social Wizard – Full-Service Digital Agency, established in 2009, specializes in digital technology development and offers its clients the opportunity to round up the entire story online; from content creation and the development of mobile and business applications to online targeted advertising.

Great user experience is one of the best competitive advantages that a company can have.

That is why our service benefits both the consumers and the businesses alike.

To satisfy and delight our clients, we launched a whole array of products over the past years and learned what works — and what doesn’t.

Our passion for digital products is end-to-end — and that includes the creation of smart business and service models around them. We think holistically; it is not just about making pretty pixels, but the concept, the service, and all surrounding touch points.

You come to us with an idea; and we will, in turn, improve it and develop it into a real product, not just an app.