SOFTLOFT is an innovative eCommerce software company providing a full range of services related to Magento and custom web development. Founded in 2008 and based in Ukraine, we supply our Customers around the world with agile, reliable, and cost-effective eCommerce solutions.

SOFTLOFT offers fully-tailored services matching individual Customers’ needs, with ongoing support and quick problem-solving. We ensure that your solution operates non-stop at full capacity.
Magento Solution Development
We provide fully-fledged and cutting-edge Magento development services to suit your individual eCommerce business needs

Magento & PHP Dedicated Team
Our dedicated resources are well-trained and experienced in delivering web development projects of various complexities.

Magento Integrations
We have broad expertise in Magento integration with ERP, CRM, and other systems, allowing us to deliver powerful solutions properly

Magento Migration & Update
Our experts will implement state-of-the-art tools and features into your Magento store to bring you the highest sales and profit

Magento Audit & Consulting
You will benefit from an in-depth, comprehensive Magento audit and consulting conducted by our top Magento experts

Magento Support
We provide fully-comprehensive Magento support by answering your every question and fixing any issue rapidly

Custom PHP Development
We are able to satisfy the most complicated demands by applying a variety of streamlined PHP technologies and frameworks

Frontend Development
Our skilled staff will deliver a truly awesome design, unique look, and responsive, user-friendly interface to your store

The world of eCommerce is a busy, crowded and highly competitive one. SOFTLOFT provides an affordable, professional, and trustworthy choice with Magento, the world’s premier eCommerce platform which we specialize in.