Sophia B.


Social Media / Community Manager for 7 years now, I have managed more than 20 brands and companies, and more than 50 different social media accounts.

Passionate about social media and digital strategies, I am always fully involved in the projects I am working on.

My usual strategy is to get the perfect balance between creativity, precise targeting, strict follow-up, and deep organisation.

I also work as french copywriter for some projects. I am always involved and focused in finding the perfect wording and tone to fit the purpose, making sure the audience will catch the exact message right away.

Industries I have worked for:
– Video Games
– Movies
– Public figures
– Virtual Reality software
– Health care
– Consulting
– Recruitment
– Beauty
– Fitness
– Fashion
– Events/Festivals
– Ecology
– Insurances
– Food and beverages

Countries I have worked for:
– France
– UK
– Canada
– Germany
– Belgium
– Singapore
– Vietnam
– Indonesia
– Philippines
– Senegal
– Switzerland
– Japan
– China

I really hope to have the opportunity to work with you!

[Currently based in Canada]

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