Team One



The next generation of affluents is here. And they’re seeing their world through different eyes. They value significance over status. They aspire to worth over wealth. And they seek brands that don’t just serve them, but also inspire them.

This is the single reason Team One was created: to help brands build relationships of worth with affluent customers. Understand them more deeply. Target them more precisely. And be at the leading edge of how they travel the digital world.

Everything about Team One is custom-built to deliver this. We live at the intersection of luxury, data and technology. We track the ever-changing attitudes of affluents across the world. We invent new ways to engage them that feel more personalized. And we turn all of this into ideas that shatter the equation between price and product.

For our clients, it means commanding some of the highest premiums in their categories. It means staying ahead of what affluent customers need, want and love. Not by selling them things to own, but by influencing the way they aspire to live.