Tom E.


Data Studio And Google Analytics:

I have over 7 years making actionable reports for 6 and 7 figure ecommerce and B2B businesses.

My specialities include Google Analytics, Supermetrics, Wicked Reports and Tag Manager. I often help brands ensure that their conversion tracking is set up properly, or audit their pre-existing data. Building dashboards for different users is also commonly done for clients.


Facebook Marketing:
I have personally managed over $300,000 in ad spend with an average ROI of 500% per month and as high as 1500%. I have extensive experience in audience growth through paid content marketing by targeting a mixture of lookalike, interest-based, and custom audiences. My lowest price per lead is $0.64. I also have extensive experience with Wicked Reports which can be used to track the long term value of your advertising past the 28-day conversion window.

Running a successful Facebook advertising campaign requires outlining customer personas, having moving creative and copy, and testing, testing, and more testing before scaling the best advertisement.

Product advertisements can be used to drive brand messaging while content advertising is essential to building an audience that is passionate about your brand and will provide you with repeat buyers.

Google Analytics
I help brands cross the bridge between Google Analytics and implementing actionable strategies that are well thought out and quantifiable. With over 5 years of experience over multiple brands I have implemented custom Google Analytics ecommerce solutions.

I have also built automated reporting systems using Supermetrics to report across all marketing channels, and have analyzed those reports with CEOs, marketing managers, and developer teams.

Measure, Analyze, hypothesize, take action, measure results of action. Rinse, Repeat and do this channel by channel to increase brand revenue.

Keyword Research:
Content is king, and keyword research is fundamental to any content strategy. Thorough research will help inform a brand what topics may be most relevant to their audience, but also identify traffic opportunities through content marketing. The importance of this to any brand cannot be understated. Once a visitor lands on a blog page, a variety of email acquisition strategies can be deployed to get a person onto your list, where you can then drip them into becoming a customer.