Tommy S.


Omni-Channel Marketing, Branding, Sales, Social Media, and Professional Content Creator

Tommy Swanhaus is a leader in multi-platform marketing, branding, social media, sales, and media production. An entrepreneur that applies his talents in intrapreneural ways to a company environment and culture. Specializes in producing media and writing content that connects with the consumer to get them to engage, act and purchase. Understands how to implement direct response advertising on a micro and macro scale. Also has worked on branding and marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 Clients. Able to work across and within teams for digital marketing, social media campaigns, to media buying. Expertise in creating content that reaches and engages consumers on the internet, television, and all social media platforms. Skilled in writing TV Spots, producing commercials, writing Online Content for Clients, and social media. Active in TV & Radio Cameos. Tommy Swanhaus is also a Google AdWords certified online advertising professional, along with being certified in Google Advanced Analytics.

Tommy Swanhaus quickly turned his digital marketing company, Tommy Swanhaus Co., into one of the nations’ “50 LEADING COMPANIES OF 2018”. His company has also been shortlisted for the “TOP 10 MOST TRUSTWORTHY COMPANIES OF 2019”; and Tommy Swanhaus has been shortlisted for the “30 BEST LEADERS TO WATCH IN 2019.” He has just recently been selected for “TOP 10 SMARTEST COMPANIES OF THE YEAR 2019.”

Swanhaus graduated from Duke University where he studied Public Policy with a concentration in Mass Media.