Valor Software


Valor Software is a full-lifecycle software development company. Our highest priority is to meet client expectations with top technical expertise that consistently delivers innovative and high-quality technology solutions. Our business relationships are based on trust, deep commitment to the highest service quality, technical excellence, talented engineers and a culture of innovation. Communication via deep collaboration is our strategy to deliver the exact product that the customer wants. We work closely with our clients providing Team as a Service approach to meet their needs and lead business straight up to success. This way client can lower the project costs and still have a self-sufficient team that functions entirely as part of his wider organization. To achieve the best results possible, our team is focused on one of monostack JavaScript-based frameworks: Node.js, Angular v2+, TypeScript, NativeScript, and Ionic. What can you expect when working with us: 1. We ask questions and gather requirements specification; 2. We analyze requirements and offering several solutions; 3. We’re doing a roadmap and splitting the tasks into parts; 4. We show you the prototypes; 5. We’re making an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) out of your favorite prototype; 6. Unit-testing, polishing, documentation to make a perfect product;