Vertigo Media Group


Clients don’t hire us to do more of the same. We don’t just create brands, we don’t just offer digital marketing services, and we don’t just develop video or social media content. We are a catalyst for transformation. VMG creates ideas and marketing programs that shift behavior and spin the sales cycle in our clients’ favor. Vertigo is a different sort of agency. Here, it’s all about the work. A full-service agency with 14 years of success behind us, we have maintained the boutique operating style that lets us work closely with clients to unearth the best opportunities. Our focus is on the success of our clients. As a young agency, we bring to the table the enthusiasm and passion it takes to create results-driven solutions. We believe in turning brands inside-out and upside-down until we understand them and the problems they face. We can then see the brand through the customer’s eyes, and with this knowledge, influence the client’s desired outcome. We believe that a brand is a set of visual and verbal cues that combine to convey a single mental image. The company name, logo, tagline, narrative, and campaignable images all come together to create the brand. Vertigo Media Group provides the finest Strategy, Name Development, Marketing Research, and Design Services. We believe your marketing dollars are valuable and that you should receive a return on your investment. We think strategically to create results-driven materials.