Vince De B.


Keywords: CRM (Ontraport, Drip), Facebook Bots, Integration (Zapier), Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, API Development, Business Automation Strategy

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Do you spend more time working “in” your business than you do working “on” your business?

My name is Vince De Benedetto, and I founded Automated Dreams to help busy professionals free up time in their lives to do more of the creative work they set out to do, and to have more time freed up so that you can actually have something called work-life-balance… how?

Through business automation. We primarily work with a program called Ontraport to establish an all-in-one software where you can automate most, if not all, of your business tasks and day to day operations.

I sit down with each an everyone of my clients (virtually or in person) to map out all of the things they are doing in your business – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. And from there I help you create a strategy where you can automate most of those tasks. Tasks such as client follow up, appointment reminders, reengagement campaigns, list cleaning, metric tracking and reporting, and sales automation to name a few.

And then we map out tasks that can’t be automated and we create a system where you can effectively manage these without costing you valuable time and money.

When you invest in quality business automation systems – that aren’t strewn across many different platforms – you save time, hassle, stress, and most importantly money. We help our clients replace the need of having to hire extra hands by placing it all on auto pilot.

We have plenty of case studies to share with you on this process. And of course we want to make sure this is a right fit for your company and will never take on a client unless we know that we can make you succeed!

Currently I am an Ontraport Certified Consultant, a Zapier Certified Expert, and in the process of obtaining a certification for ManyChat.