Yasen S.


Ready to grow and looking for suitable markets? Prefer to make an informed choice?

Remaining competitive on the market is narrowly related to the quality of your growth. Getting 200 calories from a salad is not the same as getting it from french fries.

Different results.

Companies like Deloitte believe that early identification and adoption are crucial for those of you that want to remain competitive. Naturally, the first question to ask is where to grow? After all, we have to see the way so we can lead the company there.

That’s where Market Research becomes very useful. It could tell you where your competition is and how severe it is. It could also tell you who are the most suited people to be your new customers.

The only thing that limits market research is imagination. And I have the right kind.

Recently, I helped a SaaS client expand their market from $100m to more than $1 billion. They were targeting a particular vertical but wanted to expand to other industries. They weren’t sure about the direction they could develop the company. Long story short, they now grow in Latin America.

They weren’t the type of people who blindly trust humans on the internet. So, I helped them understand the reason why it was quite reasonable for them to expand in that destination. That’s where the value of my work is created for you.

Market Researcher that provides clear direction

I create market researches that provide a clear path to your desired destination on your Entrepreneurial Journey. The industries I specialise in are Technology-related Emerging Markets (think Fin-tech, Blockchain, Insur-tech, and other industries ending in “-tech”). If you are looking to enable growth by means of:

✔ Introducing a product/service to the market
✔ Expanding Into New Markets
✔ Identifying new business opportunities
✔ Developing effective marketing strategies

Then you are in the right place.

Who am I?

I’m a Market Researcher with an entrepreneurial mindset, focused on helping Entrepreneurs. I do it by transforming information into intelligence. This helps you understand your market dynamics. My professional background is in Fintech, with academic education in Economics and Finance obtained from a Scottish university. I’m also deeply interested in psychology and music.

Marketing Reports
✔ Industry & Trends research
Competitor Analysis & Mapping
✔ Customer Personas
✔ Pitch Decks
✔ And more!

Frameworks utilized:
✔ SWOT Analysis
✔ PESTS Analysis
✔ GAP Analysis
✔ Blue Ocean
✔ Common Knowledge (seems rare these days, so worth a mention!)

This Is For You If

• You are easy to work with and know what you want
• You respect the people you work with and trust their professional judgement

This Is Not For You If

• You treat your freelancers as employees
• You like to micromanage
• You are looking for cheap work

Make sure we are aligned

I’ll work closely with you, so I’ll make my best effort to understand your what and why. Knowing this allows me to see what you see and ultimately help you to achieve your goal.

Let’s just connect

If you still have doubts if I’m the right person for you, the best way to be sure is to have a chat. You might not need me now, but I might be of valuable help in the near future. Consider with care. Then make your choice.

Chat Soon,
Yasen Stamatov

P.S. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee