Yu S.


I have experience to work at multiple startup companies as a co-founder. As you can imagine, I have worn many hats and ended up finding that I love researching a market, analyzing the findings, and bring it to a right strategy.

I am passionate to:
– Talk with you and identify questions that need to be answered.
– Plan and conduct a research (online, quantitative and qualitative).
– Analyze the research results and gain insights.
– Make suggestions or build a strategy.

Within my coverage, I am especially strong in the followings :
– Analyzing results of a qualitative research (interview, survey)
– Helping early stage startups to identify targets.
– Researching Japanese markets.
– Researching U.S. markets for Japanese companies wishing to enter U.S. markets.

I have experience both in Japan and in the U.S., both in established companies and in the fast-moving startup environment. l am detail-oriented, versatile, punctual and friendly to communicate. Please feel very free to contact me or ask any kind of question.

Thank you!