140 Proof


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The most precise way to advertise in mobile apps.

Our patented technology blends data from a variety of social networks to serve people ads they’re actually interested in. The hardest thing to do in apps, solved.

You aren’t defined by just one interest. Neither is your audience.

140 Proof’s patented Blended Interest Graph technology interprets data from over 600 million public social accounts. It looks at what they share, the places they check in, the hobbies they pin about, the influencers they follow, and more. By painting a more complete picture, we build audiences that are nuanced, comprehensive, and accurate.

Your customers know what they want. Give it to them.

140 Proof’s ad server identifies people who sign into mobile apps using their social credentials. Every ad we serve is powered by our Blended Interest Graph technology. This way, our server delivers an ad our audience member is interested in. And it won’t bother them with something they’re not.

From banners and expandables to interstitials and video, we deliver ads in a wide range of can’t-miss creative formats. Our patented technology seamlessly integrates with a variety of apps for news, games, entertainment, finance and more.