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Software Licensing and
Entitlements Made Easy
Connect to your online customers and
drive engagement and revenue.

A 3-in-1 Solution
For Innovative Software Vendors
Licensing and Entitlements
Easily control how you license your software, devices or content.
Identity Management
For your customers.
Single Sign-on, MFA,
Identity Federation, Social Sign-in.
User Insights
Understand exactly how and when users touch your software, devices or content.

A Single Point of Control for License, Entitlement, Customer and End-user Administration
Get a single point of license control by using 10Duke’s browser or API based license management platform, enabling you to control your customer licenses in real-time.

Manage via our API or our admin tools. Even let your customer manage their own licenses and users.

License Any Type of Software

Licensing for desktop applications.
License Web and Saas applications
Web / Saas
License Web and SaaS applications.
For licensing mobile apps.

For embedded systems.
Virtual Machines
Licensing virtual machines.
Storage, CPUs, database.

Whiteboard Video
Learn the basics of the 10Duke software licensing solution in less than 3 minutes

Deploy the License Model You Prefer
No matter what types of licenses you sell, be it simply subscription, floating, perpetual, or consumption-based licenses, 10Duke has the most comprehensive license model support in the market.

Support for Multiple User Types
Support Trial Users, Academic Users, Freemium Users and Paid Users, all with a single, easy-to-configure licensing engine.

Easy to Integrate
10Duke APIs come with a variety of client libraries to make integration with your client applications fast and flexible.

Works With the Systems You Use

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