250ok Suite


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250ok Suite – One For All. All In One.
World-class email performance doesn’t just happen. 250ok combines the critical tools required to plan, track, and analyze every step of your program. Get email deliverability, design, validation, DMARC, and engagement analytics, all in one.

250ok’s platform and Experts help you get the most out of every stage of your email program.
Say goodbye to multiple patchworked contracts, data privacy agreements, and account/support teams. 250ok is the single-point solution for a unified view of email performance.


List Validation
Stop wasting money on bad addresses and reputation damage to boot. List validation allows you to pre-check your lists and strip out invalid or questionable email addresses, minimizing risk to your reputation.

Scan and validate your mailing lists to ensure ongoing delivery
Get sending suggestions based on your risk tolerance
Our proprietary multi-step process provides more accurate results, backed by SOC 2 Type II compliance

Design Previews
Everything you need to test, optimize, and feel confident your emails are ready for your customers, regardless of device or mail client.

Get instant email previews on more than 70 devices and clients
Previews are prioritized based on the makeup of your mailing list
Iterate effortlessly with collaborative communication tools

In-Flight Analysis

Inbox Placement
Email content doesn’t matter if it lands in spam. Test emails to determine whether or not they are likely to land in the inbox.

Test your inbox placement at major mailbox providers, before or during your send
Use our Seedlist Optimizer to prioritize your results based on the make-up of your mailing list
Complement your inbox placement reporting with Google Postmaster Tools, Microsoft SNDS, and more

Engagement Analytics
Get the full view of what’s happening with your email program. From audience insights to churn, you’ll have the data you need in the way you need it to make the right decisions.

Add to your ESP’s visibility with 250ok’s automated tracking pixel
Get in-depth data on geolocation, engagement duration, open timing, and mail clients and devices
Identify and explore customer segments to keep tabs on who is engaged and who is at risk of disengaging