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Klean Leads

A social media marketing agency that can help you grow your business by generating leads and sales through social media. We have a team of experienced social media experts who are familiar with the latest trends and strategies in lead generation. We can help you create targeted campaigns that will reach your target audience and generate leads that are interested in your products or services.

Email Scraper

Utilize our email scraper to collect millions of email addresses and increase your sales instantly. With additional tools, you may access 500+ million leads and make outreach 10 times easier.

The Benefits of Subscribing to Klean Leads include:

Linkedin emails can be extracted

  • Use our Chrome extension to grab any person’s emails from any LinkedIn search.

Database of 15 million B2B companies

  • Phone and emails

Emails for Job Titles are Scraped from URLs

  • Enter any URL into the search box, add job titles, and get direct email addresses immediately.

Scrape nearby establishments

  • Select a place and a keyword. Automatically collect the businesses’ phone numbers and emails.

Daily data drop for each newly registered domain

  • Get all new websites every day. Phone and emails.

Identify names from Email.

  • Add the Company, First Name, and Last Name. They will send us an email.

While on their website, access all staff emails.

  • Get our Chrome extension installed. Click the button in the bottom left corner of any website. Obtain each person’s email address.

Build a chatbot

  • Set up a chatbot on your website to gather leads.

LinkedIn connection requests can be automated.

  • Open our Chrome extension on any LinkedIn search page to automatically send connections.

Scrape Local Businesses

Automatically collect local companies in any industry and region. Get emails and phone numbers.

Scrape from over 15+ million B2B businesses

  1. Enter any keyword and location to get a list of emails from companies in that industry.
  2. Built-in Email Tracker
  3. Track who opens your emails and when. See what links they click. Get real-time alerts.
  4. Get more leads with less effort using Klean Leads Agency!
  5. Klean Leads is a social media marketing agency.

Extract Emails from LinkedIn Searches

To effortlessly retrieve thousands of direct, private emails, use our Chrome addon.

  • Endless Searches
  • Does not require Sales Navigator

Automatically Connect to LinkedIn profiles and send messages.

Klean Leads harvests information from 15 million+ B2B emails, 500+ million Local Businesses, and LinkedIn profiles.

Filter By Job Title

Any title at any company can have its direct email addresses scraped. Specify whatever job titles you want, add a list of domains, and get their direct email address.

Why is Klean Leads very useful?

  1. Create leads that are genuinely interested in your products or services.
  2. Increase sales with less work.
  3. Identify the ideal market for your goods or services.
  4. Utilize our automated technologies to reduce costs and save time.
  5. With our email tracking feature, you may obtain findings instantly.

For more B2B Marketing Tools, please explore further.

Book more appointments.
Get more email replies.
Close more sales.
Access 500+ million leads with additional tools to make your outreach 10x easier.

Get Started in Seconds

In just seconds, scrape direct personal emails from any niche all around the world.

Extract emails from Linkedin
Use our Chrome extension to extract any LinkedIn search and pull personal emails of any person.

Scrape B2B companies without LinkedIn Premium
Choose from a database of 15+ million B2B companies.

Find direct decision-maker emails
Put any website into the search, specify job titles, and instantly receive direct email addresses.

Scrape Local Businesses
Get access to our database of over 500+ million local businesses from all around the world

Scrape from over 15+ million B2B businesses
Klean Leads scrapes from LinkedIn profiles, 500+ million Local Businesses, and 15+ million B2B emails.

Extract Emails from LinkedIn Searches
Use our Chrome extension to automatically pull thousands of direct, personal emails.

Unlimited searches
Works without Sales Navigator

Autoconnect with LinkedIn profiles and send personalized messages
Klean Leads scrapes from LinkedIn profiles, 500+ million Local Businesses, and 15+ million B2B emails.

Find Direct Decision-Makers Emails
No info@, support@, or sales@ emails.

Direct emails
Instantly unlocked
Unlimited credits

When you sign up you’ll be given

A personalized loom video sent after signing up
Tell us what you’re trying to scrape, and an account manager will send you a personal loom video showing how

Video guides sent to your email
You’ll be sent videos on how to use the tools

What Makes Klean Leads The Best Email Scraper Online?
There are so many different choices you have when searching for an email scraper online, and yet the overwhelming majority is flocking to us – why is that?

Simply put, nobody else offers so many capabilities in just one, affordable solution. As you may already know, we aren’t just an email finder – we are a complete outreach & prospecting automation software.
Find Businesses To Reach Out To
There are so many different choices you have when searching for an email scraper online, and yet the overwhelming majority is flocking to us – why is that?

Simply put, nobody else offers so many capabilities in just one, affordable solution. As you may already know, we aren’t just an email finder – we are a complete outreach & prospecting automation software.
Enter The Domains Into Our Search Tool
Our email domain search software is great for taking business domains and getting relevant decision maker information.

We don’t just spit out gatekeeper email addresses, such as help@, info@, or even a marketing@ email either – we give you the actual decision maker, whether it’s the head of sales, director of marketing, or even the founder themself!

On top of the name, position, and email address, we’ll include other pertinent information like LinkedIn ID & URL, company information, and much more.

Search Email Addresses Based On Decision Maker Name
Perhaps you have a list of decision makers already – you know the name of the person you want to get in touch with, you just need some way to find their email address now.

That’s where our email finder by name tool comes in to automate this time consuming task. No more wasting time looking through social media or LinkedIn!

Whether you want to find a single email address or upload a csv of decision makers in bulk, our email scraper will help you find the correct address. And if we can’t find it, we’ll take an educated guess and let you proceed however you’d like!

Find Email Addresses In Bulk As Efficiently As Possible
We also can help you find email addresses on a large scale with our bulk email finder. Here, you can upload as many as 10,000 domains at once!

‍If your business runs on cold email, you know it’s a numbers game. How many more calls or meetings do you think you’d book if you were able to compile this many leads at once?
Find Email Addresses On LinkedIn
If your ideal customer lives on LinkedIn, you can use our LinkedIn email finder & extractor to automate your outreach on this channel.

Not only can it help you automate LinkedIn search visits and connections, you can even use our chrome extension to pull email addresses and other information from the search results of LinkedIn!

What Else Is Possible With The Klean Leads Email Scraper Online?
When it comes to cold email campaigns, compiling all your leads is just half the equation – from there, you need an efficient means of conducting outreach.

Most email autoresponders are clunky, limited, and expensive. That’s why we decided to help you automate this piece of the puzzle too.

We have an entire CRM software built into the backend of Klean Leads, so you can set up campaigns for your outreach and easily add fresh leads we give you to it.

You can easily conduct a bulk email search and simply add them to a campaign with the click of the button. No more exporting files and uploading them in a different software and managing two different pieces. No more paying for two different services. We are an all-in-one email prospecting & outreach software!

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Our Email Address Finder
We know you probably have some questions before you pull out your card and start automating the most time consuming part of your business. We’ve compiled some of the questions we receive most often about our email finder.
What Is An Email Scraper?
Our email scraper is the most sophisticated, efficient way to find email addresses. As the name suggests, we use an algorithm to scrape any relevant data we can on the internet.

We take what we learn, put it through our algorithm, and spit out an email address for you to use.
How Accurate Is Klean Leads Email Finder?
If the person you’re searching for truly exists within the domain you’re providing, we can almost always return an accurate email address.

But we aren’t 100% – no email finder is. Sometimes, we have to use our algorithm to “guess” the email address.

What this means is we figure out the pattern the domain in question uses for their email addresses and determine the most likely address.

When you use our email finder, you’ll get one of three values returned: Verified, Catch All, or Guessed.

Can I Integrate Klean Leads With Other Software?
Automation is everything to us – that’s why we built this software! As such, of course you can integrate with your favorite softwares such as Zapier or Calendly.

We do include our own CRM directly within our software to make this easier for you, but if you’d like, you can easily connect via API or webhook to your favorite CRM software.

Can I Try The Klean Leads Email Address Finder For Free?
We’re so confident you’re going to love our email address finder that we are willing to let you use the entire software for free for 7 days.

You get access to every piece of software within Klean Leads, which as you now know, is a lot!

ou’re going to have a hard time letting go of the subscription when that seventh day rolls around, and we know you’ll see how valuable an asset we can be to you.