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Adjust is the mobile marketing platform for marketers around the world wanting to grow their app.

What we do

Grow your app business at any stage
We provide a single platform for mobile attribution, campaign automation, and data privacy and protection — all informed by accurate, high-quality data. We believe nothing should get in the way of your growth, which is why we provide all the features you need to successfully scale.

Better understand what motivates your end users at every point in their journey, with insights across the customer lifecycle. We provide the intelligence and visibility you need to make smarter decisions and grow lifetime value.

Get unrestricted access to features that make it easier to measure ad performance, identify your best users, and optimize your campaigns. With built-in automation, our solutions free you up to focus on developing creative campaigns and scaling your reach.

Build customer trust with rigorous data protections that adhere to the world’s most stringent privacy regulations. Protect your campaigns with solutions that prevent fraudsters from distorting your data and draining your budgets.