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What is upRive?
The word Rive means to split apart violently (literally)

That’s what we do with Facebook ads; we split test heavily (violently) to find our profitable ad, then we scale it to cash in. upRive means to split test at a more ↑ efficient level.

To create a profitable campaign in Facebook ads, it is absolutely essential to split test correctly and without wasting your budget along the way. With that in mind, we focused 100% on solving the core problems that come with split testing, and we found some epic solutions.

What does upRive do?
upRive is a Facebook marketing software that uses a unique method to create ads more efficiently, which drastically improves your Facebook marketing results.

This Is How We Solved These Core Problems
In Facebook Ads By Doing Things Differently
See precisely how upRive can help you avoid wasting time, energy, and resources
on inefficient methods by solving these core problems in Facebook ads.

Your Ads Are Temporary And Lose Social
Proof When Used Anywhere Else
Every time you create an ad right now, it makes it a one-time ad that you can’t use
anywhere else. This becomes wasteful when you have a successful ad with social
engagement that you want to utilize with another audience.

So you end up losing out on all the social data it accumulated (Likes, comments, shares)
when you duplicate it for another audience or campaign. It’s like starting from scratch
every time, which is a big waste of time, effort, data, and money.

upRive Reusable Ads
Capture & Leverage Social Proof
Creating an ad once through upRive saves it as a master ad – and allows you to reuse it infinitely
across as many audiences and campaigns as you want, without losing any social proof.

The best part? Once you find a winning ad, you can reuse that exact same ad with all its social data
goodness, wherever you need it. Be honest which one would you click?

Split Testing Audiences Causes Overlap –
Raises Your Costs And Gets Worse Results
How do you find your ideal audience on Facebook ads? The answer most advertisers will tell
you is by split testing through multiple audiences.

Split testing on Facebook ads is one of the best and most complicated methods to get better
results for your ads. However, split testing can be expensive when done without proper planning.

When you split test multiple audiences, you are likely to get overlap between them. Meaning
you would essentially be bidding against yourself – which raises your overall costs.

Noverlap Audience Eliminate Overlap,
Save Money, And Deliver 100% Pure Data!
When you split test with upRive, you have the option to automatically eliminate overlap in a single
click across your multiple audiences thoroughly before launching a campaign.

This allows for a purer form of split testing, which drastically reduces your cost to reach the
exact same audience and improves your overall results.

Below is the exact same audience, one without and one with Noverlap applied.

Beautiful Analysis
We designed our dashboard to make it easy to breakdown and see exactly how your campaigns, audiences, and ads are doing with your hard-earned budget.

Automatic Trigger
Optimization Rules
Simply tell upRive what you want it to look for in an existing campaign, and it will continuously review it and perform an action you specify automatically.

Branded & Whitelabel
Analysis PDF
Quickly and easily download your analysis reports into PDF format to share between teammates or present it to a client.

Built For Teams
Manage campaigns as a team? We offer a simple sub-account option, which makes it easy for teams to manage together.

Email Reports (coming soon)
Get daily or weekly analysis reports sent directly to you or your client’s email to stay in the loop without even logging in to upRive.

Knowledge Base
Become an upRive expert by going through our knowledge base filled with detailed videos and articles on maximizing your budget.